Backup a SharePoint site with content – create a new site from template 20. Oktober 2012

DE-version | SharePoint 2010

Maybe you have created a nice website in SharePoint 2013 and you want to publish this site in another SharePoint farm. What is the right way to do this?
The easiest way to share the site is to create a template of the site and after this to download the wsp-file.

Note: If the SharePoint Publishing Feature is activated, the link to save site as template is not visible. In this case you can use an inofficial workaround to save the site as a template.
Use the following URL: http://your-SharePoint/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx


Go to Site Settings

Site SettingsSave site as template

Include Content or not?


Site SettingsSolutions
In the Solution Gallery you can download the site template as a wsp-file.
To use site templates from other SharePoint site collections, you can upload the wsp-file here.


Now, you can give this copy of the site template to a colleague from another company or distribute the template in other SharePoint farms.


To create a new subsite from the template, you have to go to the Site Contents on SharePoint.

Create a new subsite and select the template from the Custom tab.

That’s all!

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